Want Your Roof To Last? Protect The Edges

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Do you want your roof to last as long as possible? Of course you do! New roofs can be expensive, and making your current roof last longer delays the need for this expense. In many cases, taking better care of your roof means taking better care of its edges. The edges are usually where roof damage begins before spreading further up the roof. Here are some key ways you can protect the roof's edges.

Install guards on your gutters.

Keeping your gutters clear is really important for the protection of your roof's edges. If your gutters do not drain well, water and ice will build up on the edge of the roof and will cause damage in this area. Many people intend to clean their gutters often but don't actually get around to it. A better option, therefore, is to have gutter guards placed on top of your gutters. These guards let water into the gutters, but they keep other debris, like leaf litter, out of the gutters. This reduces the risk of your gutters becoming clogged, allowing for ice buildup, and ultimately damaging your roof.

Keep your insulation in good condition.

All too often, attic insulation becomes compacted and stops doing its job properly. When this happens, you need to notice there is a problem and replace your attic insulation ASAP. Keeping the attic well insulated will keep the peak of your roof cool. This will prevent snow at the peak from melting, trickling down, and refreezing at the roof's edge, where it can cause damage like peeling shingles. In this way, keeping your attic well insulated helps protect the edge of your roof.

Sweep off any leaf litter.

Sometimes, leaf litter blows down towards the edges of the roof. Then, it gets caught on or in the gutters along the roof's edge. It then traps moisture against the roof's edge, which accelerates the rate of deterioration. 

If you see any leaf litter on the roof's edge, reach up and sweep it off. You can keep a long-handled broom or rake handy just for this purpose. You may need a step ladder to reach. Have someone hold it and keep it stable so you stay safe.

If you can prevent the edge of your roof from becoming damaged, you will actually be protecting the entirety of your roof from damage. Reach out to a roofing contractor for more information. 

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