Inspecting And Maintaining Your Seawall

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Seawalls can reduce the risk of severe erosion developing on your property. However, they will need regular maintenance and inspections to remain effective.

Seawalls In Areas With Calm Water Still Need Routine Inspections

Individuals that live in areas that frequently have strong storms may be aware of the need for regular seawall inspections. However, seawalls in relatively calm areas must also undergo these inspections. The water can strain these structures to the point of cracking, and the surrounding soil can be prone to erosion. Routine inspections provide early warnings to a homeowner when these problems are developing.

Wear And Tear To Seawalls Can Lead To Major Failures

Not respecting the significance of routine wear and tear on a seawall is a common mistake. Over the years, the seawall can suffer substantial wear that may cause structural issues to develop with it. In extreme cases, the seawall may suffer a partial or total collapse. Once this occurs, large amounts of soil may collapse into the water. Restoring the property after this can be expensive as you must rebuild the seawall and stabilize the soil. In addition to identifying potential damage from routine wear and tear, regular inspections can also provide a chance to identify other sources of damage to the wall. An example of this could be the formation of cracks in the wall due to storms or other causes.

A Qualified Professional Is Needed For A Seawall Inspection

Unfortunately, many of the problems a seawall could experience will only be noticed once they become severe. By this point, the required repairs could be extremely costly and disruptive to the landscaping. Hiring a professional for this inspection ensures that any developing issues with the seawall are identified. In addition to evaluating the portion of the seawall above the water, these professionals can inspect the base of the wall. If your property's seawall is expansive, this comprehensive inspection could take longer to complete and may cost more. When working with a seawall inspection service, they should provide a detailed cost breakdown for you.

Retain Documentation Of The Seawall Inspection

After the seawall inspection, any documents the inspection service provides you should be safely stored. In many cases, a person's homeowner's insurance will require professional inspections of this part of the property. If there is an issue, being able to provide records of routine inspections and repairs can act as proof that you were adequately maintaining this critical part of the property.

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