Choosing The Heating System For Your New Home While It Is Under Construction

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The heating system you choose for your new home can have a significant effect on how efficient heating your home is and how comfortable you are during the colder months of the year. Heating system installation options vary in many parts of the country, and you will need to consider fuel, space in the home, and other factors before the heating system is complete. 

Hot Air Heating

Heating system installation often has an impact on other things in the home. If using a traditional HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system that offers heat and air conditioning throughout the year, the heat may come in the form of forced hot air heat. 

Hot air heat is just what it sounds like and moves heated air through the home that is heated inside the HVAC unit to raise the temperature. It is efficient and has been around for many years, but present challenges in large homes trying to use a single blower to move air throughout the structure.

Adding zone or remote units in other parts of the home can help increase the effectiveness of the heating system and can add to the cost of the heating system installation but are highly effective at boosting performance. Many modern systems locate the HVAC unit in the basement and a remote unit in the attic to ensure even heating and AC when the system is running. 

Hot Water Heating

Large homes often benefit from heating system installations that use a hot water boiler to heat the house. The water is heated in the boiler and circulated through radiators and baseboard heaters in each room. The radiant heat is even and comfortable, and installing the system using zones allows heating areas at different temperatures to compensate for heat rise. 

A boiler also allows the heating system installation contractor to add radiant heating under the floors in rooms like the bathroom, where you may have tile flooring. Radiant flooring is highly effective in places that are hard to install other heating systems in because the water tubing can run in the ceiling in areas with carpet or other materials on the floors that would insulate and block the heat from passing through.

A hot water boiler can also provide domestic home water in the house. The system heats water on demand and can reduce the problem of running low when using hot water for multiple showers or baths, washing clothes, or dishwashing simultaneously. The heating system installation in a new home offers more flexibility because the floors and walls are open, and putting the pieces in place is easier, and these systems can be added to existing homes if you need an upgrade or a replacement heating system installation.

For more information on a heating system installation, contact a professional near you.

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