Reasons To Get A Walk-In Tub For A Senior Adult

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Most bathrooms have wet and slippery surfaces, making them potentially hazardous spaces, especially for seniors. Fortunately, you can prevent bathroom falls by making small changes in the bathroom, like adding a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs improve the steadiness and balance of seniors. Here are four reasons to install a walk-in tub as a senior adult.

Promote Bathroom Safety 

A report by the CDC shows that every second, a senior adult is suffering a fall. As an older adult, you are more likely to break bones during a fall due to osteoporosis. Besides, surgeries could result in complications as the additional trauma could extend the recovery duration.

You can promote bathroom safety and guarantee safety by installing a walk-in tub. The tub has a low threshold which allows you to step in safely. Since it is watertight, you can drain the water after the shower before stepping out of the tub. Therefore, no water will get from the tub to the floor, reducing the chances of slips and falls on a wet floor.

Combats Limited Mobility

When your mobility is compromised, bathrooms can be risky. Walk-in tubs present a safe bathing option if you have limited mobility since you need to step in, sit down, and bathe. If you are using a wheelchair or a walker, taking a shower can be tedious since standing can be overwhelming or uncomfortable.

There are different types of walk-in tubs, some designed with an outward swinging door to accommodate seniors using wheelchairs. A walk-in tub is a great way to keep you comfortable and help you enjoy your bathing time. 

Easily Fits Into an Existing Bathroom Space

There are different types of tubs in the market, which could make shopping for the right tub overwhelming. Nonetheless, a walk-in tub should be a top option as it can fit perfectly in your current bathroom space. 

Although they may seem bulky, walk-in tubs are compact and fit the same space as most bathroom tubs or shower spaces. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about paying for remodeling costs when installing a walk-in bathtub. 

Helps Save on Costs

You can save on costs by getting a walk-in tub. First, while investing in a walk-in-tub could cost slightly more than other options, it is durable and offers you maximum value for your money. Second, given its safety features, it helps prevent falls and lower hospital bills. The hydrotherapy benefits ensure you remain healthy; thus, fewer hospital visits and lower hospital bills.

Lastly, some insurance coverage for seniors covers the installation of walk-in tubs under home safety devices and modifications. So, you get to spend less than you would have without the insurance cover.

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