Leaky Pool? Tips For Spotting Trouble

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One of the most common reasons to need pool repair is leaking water. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize that their pool is leaking until they're faced with an absolute disaster. The good news is that you can be proactive about your pool's leak issues if you know what to look for. Here's a look at some of the most common indications that you should call a pool repair service for a leaky pool.

Standing Water Around The Pool

If you walk around your swimming pool, are there any areas where the ground is heavily saturated with water? Do you step down and feel the ground squish beneath your feet? If so, there's a good chance that the problem is the result of a leak that's saturating the ground. You'll want to call a local pool repair service right away to locate and fix the damage, whether it's a cracked seal or any other breach.

Excess Water Loss

Normal evaporation and water loss from splashing are typical with a swimming pool, but if you find that you're losing more water than normal despite not using the pool any differently, it could be the result of a leak in the pool. Over time, this leak will become more apparent by increased water loss. If you're not sure whether the water loss is more than evaporation, place a bucket of water beside the pool and mark the water level of both. After 24 hours, check them both and compare the evaporation rates. If the pool is markedly lower than the bucket, that's an indication that you're losing water.

Inconsistent Water Treatment

If you feel like you're constantly having to add more chemicals to your pool water despite having just recently treated it, that is another indication that you need to have your pool inspected for a leak. When you have a water leak, the leaking water also takes some of the chemicals with it, which can leave you with inconsistent chemical levels in the pool. Sometimes, this becomes evident because of excessive algae growth or other similar issues, so make sure you test and treat regularly and call a pool repair contractor if you have any reason to believe that your pool is leaking so that you reduce the chances of needing to shock it.

These are some of the most common indications that your swimming pool has a leak. If you're seeing signs like these, or have any other reasons to believe that your pool might be leaking, call a local pool repair service right away. The sooner you fix it, the sooner you stop the costly water loss.

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