Pros And Cons Of Having Your Vinyl Siding Arranged Vertically

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Most people think of siding as being oriented horizontally on a home. And for years, this really was the standard approach. But more often these days, homeowners are opting to have their vinyl siding installed vertically, and siding companies are starting to make siding that's specifically designed to be installed in this manner. Should you have your vinyl siding installed vertically? Maybe. Consider these pros and cons as you make your decision.

Pro: Your home will stand out.

Vertical siding is becoming more common, but it still tends to be less common than horizontal siding. Maybe there will be another home or two on your street with vertical siding, but your home is still likely to stand out from the crowd. Many people like setting their home apart in this way. You may enjoy being able to say that your home is the one with the vertical siding when describing your home and giving directions to others.

Con: Vertical siding can be hard to power wash.

Vinyl siding is easy to maintain, which is true whether you get horizontal or vertical siding. However, you do need to wash the siding to keep it clean, and power washing is the easiest way to do that. It's harder to power wash vertical siding than horizontal siding. You have to angle the power washer very carefully to avoid allowing water to seep behind the siding panels. You can definitely power wash vertical siding, but it takes more precision than washing horizontal siding.

Pro: Vertical siding doesn't hold onto as much dirt.

Although it may require more precise power washing, vertical siding does not get as dirty as horizontal siding. The water runs right down the panels, carrying dirt along with it. You may notice dirt and stains near the bottom of the siding, but the top tends to stay a bit cleaner.

Con: Vertical siding can be harder to install.

It may take your installers a bit longer to install vinyl siding in this orientation. As such, they may charge you more than you'd pay them to install horizontal siding. Make sure you take this into account when forming a budget.

Vertical siding can be a good choice for your home if you want something that stays clean and looks trendy. Just make sure you consider the increased installation costs and the fact that power washing it may take a little more time and precision.

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