Why Hire A Traveling Tower Crane?

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You can hire different tower crane models for your construction site. While static cranes are the best solution in many situations, there are times when more mobility will be useful. In these cases, you can hire a traveling tower crane. How do these cranes work and what are their advantages?

What Is A Traveling Tower Crane?

While traveling tower cranes do the same kind of work as other tower cranes, they have some mobility over regular static options. A traveling tower crane has the ability to move on your site.

These cranes don't sit on the ground; they sit on a rail or track system. You run the rail or track system around your site to cover places where you need to use the crane. You then mount the crane on the rails or tracks.

When you want to use the crane, you move it to the right place and secure it in place. If you need to use it somewhere else, you unlock it and move it along the rails or tracks to its next location.

Tower cranes can usually only lift and carry when they are in a static position. However, you can hire some models where the crane can also carry materials as it moves along its rails or tracks.

What Are The Benefits Of Travelling Tower Cranes?

If you're working on a large construction site, then you might need to use tower cranes in different places at different times. You might need to hire multiple cranes to do all your jobs. Or, you might need to spend time dismantling and re-erecting a crane to physically move it from place to place.

Both of these options increase your costs. You will pay more to hire multiple cranes. If you work on a dismantle/move/erect model, then you have to factor in work downtime and additional labor costs. The overall costs of your crane hire could be high.

A traveling tower crane gives you more versatile options on a larger site. You can set up rails or tracks to cover the places you want the crane to go. After an initial set-up, the crane can move along its system as much or as little as you like.

So, you keep your hire costs low by only renting one crane. The fast repurpose you get here also reduces downtime and labor costs — these cranes are easy and quick to move from place to place.

To learn more, contact tower crane rental services from a company like Precision Crane Professionals and ask to see their range of traveling cranes.

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