Keys To Installing Vapor Barriers Around Crawl Spaces

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If you don't want to allow water inside your home's crawl space, what you can do is set up a vapor barrier. Then this area will remain dry and free of mold issues. Here are some installation tips that can help you get this material in place around this area of your home.

Measure the Crawl Space First

So that you're able to order enough vapor barrier materials for your crawl space, you need to go inside this area and measure it. Then you can use your calculations to get enough vapor barrier materials that fit the space well without requiring a lot of adjustments from you later.

After finding out where your crawl space is and how to access it safely, get a digital measuring device. Then you can just point it at each surface and gather totals in feet and inches. They'll be needed when you start working with a vapor barrier supplier or manufacturer.

Use Weatherproof Tape Around the Walls

To keep the vapor barrier in place around the crawl space of your property, you will need some type of weatherproof tape. That's going to help you keep sections from coming down along the walls, even if the temperatures or elements change around this area of your home.

Weatherproof tape is pretty easy to find. You just need to verify it has a weatherproof rating and is compatible with the environment around the crawl space. You can still use other sealing materials, but weatherproof tape is a good start for keeping vapor barrier materials in the same position long-term.

Keep the Ground Portions Secure with Stakes

Another thing you can do to keep the vapor barrier from moving around over the months around the crawl space is putting stakes around the ground portion. That should keep your adjustments to a minimum. 

Just like with tape for the wall sections, you'll want to make sure your stakes are weatherproof because then they won't be able to break down over time. Also, map out a proper placement pattern for them to where your vapor barrier materials have all the support they need. 

If you're looking to put vapor barrier materials around the crawl space to better protect it from water, then make sure you use the right resources and are meticulous about how they're used. That will help you achieve a long-lasting barrier solution that does a good job at preventing crawl space damage. 

For more info on crawl space vapor barrier installation, contact a professional near you.

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