How Submersible Well Pumps Help Homeowners Save Money

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Homeowners who are seeking to escape the costs associated with municipal water sources often invest in water wells. However, homeowners face many decisions when it comes to their water well's design, and each decision has the potential to affect their current and future expenses. One important decision that homeowners must make regarding their water well is what type of water well pump they will use. Fortunately, submersible well pumps have emerged as an effective solution that provides numerous advantages to homeowners seeking to minimize the costs associated with their water supply. If you're interested in applying the cost-saving advantages of submersible well pumps to your home, read on below to learn more about how submersible well pumps help homeowners save money.

Submersible Well Pumps are Energy Efficient

Each type of water well pump uses its own unique process to encourage the flow of water. Water well pumps can use direct pressure, suction, and rotation. Unfortunately, some of these techniques are less energy-efficient than others in many circumstances. An inefficient water well system can cause a homeowner to suffer from exorbitant energy bills. Fortunately, submersible water well pumps make use of direct pressure to move water throughout the water well system and typically operate within a narrow flow range. These characteristics make submersible pumps suited to multistage pump designs that ensure the optimal pressurization of these pumps at a wide range of depths. Because these multistage designs match pump pressure and well depth as needed, submersible well pumps enjoy enhanced energy efficiency. Ultimately, this advantage serves to reduce the energy costs associated with a homeowner's water supply.

Submersible Well Pumps are Long-Lasting

Water well pumps such as jet pumps can only be used at a maximum depth of 75 feet and can fail when water contains solids. Not only that, but because jet pumps are above water, their engines can overheat, resulting in damage that can lead to costly repairs or replacements. Fortunately, submersible well pumps are extremely versatile, capable of being used at depths of up to 400 feet, on mountainous terrain, and under dry conditions. Not only that, but because submersible well pumps operate underwater, their engine is kept cool, reducing the risks associated with overheating and extending the submersible well pump's longevity. This advantage ensures that well pump issues are few and far between, saving homeowners on repair and replacement costs.


Choosing your water well pump poorly can cause homeowners to face exorbitant costs. Fortunately, investing in a submersible water well pump is an effective way to ensure that doesn't happen!

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