How Submersible Water Well Pumps Enhance Well Pump Flexibility

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Water well pumps are an essential toolset in many homeowners' arsenals that enable them to access numerous advantages, such as enabling homeowners to escape the costs associated with municipal water sources. However, not all well pumps are created equally. Some types of water well pumps have unique advantages and disadvantages that make them the ideal choice under certain circumstances. For that reason, it is essential that homeowners install a versatile well pump solution that can meet a variety of needs. Fortunately, submersible water well pumps have emerged as a flexible solution that can help homeowners meet their unique water well pump needs. If you're interested in taking advantage of the versatility of submersible water well pumps for your home, read on below to learn more about how submersible water well pumps enhance well pump flexibility.

Submersible Well Pumps Can Be Used In Many Conditions

Jet pumps are perhaps the most common water well pump due to their flexibility. Unfortunately, these water well pumps have severe limitations in terms of the conditions under which they can be used. Jet pumps can only go as far as 100 feet deep, making them less than ideal in mountainous or dry regions where water may be located far below the surface. Jet pumps are also highly susceptible to damage from sand and grit, making them undesirable in areas of high erosion. Needless to say, these limitations can make jet pumps unsuitable for many homeowners' needs. Fortunately, submersible pumps can safely go as much as 400 feet below the surface, ensuring that they can be used under a variety of conditions and climates. This advantage ensures that submersible water well pumps are flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of homes.

Submersible Well Pumps Can Be Used In Many Ways

Jet pumps are best used for transporting water into and around a home as needed, but not much else. While little more than water transportation is to be expected of a water pump, that expectation begins to change when one finds out that the alternatives offer mover versatile capabilities that prevent them from breaking down. Fortunately, most submersible water well pumps are built to handle not just water but solids as well. This advantage can be especially important for dealing with floods. Flood water can bring excessive amounts of sand and debris into a home's basement from the outside. Submersible water well pumps are equipped to perform various activities such as pumping floodwater out of a home's basement or emptying an old well as needed.


Choosing your water well pump poorly can cause your water well system to suffer from functional limitations. Fortunately, purchasing a submersible water well pump is a great way to ensure that doesn't happen!

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