4 Reasons To Use Reclaimed Wood In A Living Room Remodel

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Do you want to give your living room a unique style by remodeling it? While you're doing it, you could also help the environment. Reclaimed wood can assist you in accomplishing these two goals in your project. It's also known as barn wood, and it's a term that refers to any previously used timber or lumber. It comes from old barns and sheds, wine casks, shipping crates, old ships, industries, and demolished residences, among other wood objects and structures. You can use reclaimed wood for interior walls, ceilings, doors, floors, and furniture. What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood in your remodeling project?

1. Safeguarding the Environment

Lumber is extracted from trees, which play a more important role in environmental stability now than ever before. Some of the newly obtained wood originates from fragile environments, resulting in biodiversity loss and, in some cases, species extinction.

You contribute to safeguarding the environment by using recycled and repurposed barn wood. For a major project like a living room remodel, you could be saving dozens of trees, and the numerous birds, insects, and small animals they hold.

2. Premium Looks With Unique Wood Character

In addition to safeguarding the environment, you will also get premium looks with a unique wood character because each piece of reclaimed wood differs in wood grain pattern. Wood also develops a unique patina as it ages.

You can easily access rare and exotic woods cheaply. Most of these woods are no longer readily available today. You will never have to worry about having the same look as your neighbor.

3. More Stable Build with Old Growth Wood

Old-growth wood is stronger and more stable than newly cut wood because it has aged. It is also more resistant to bugs and pests. Also, reclaimed wood is already cured, so it won't shrink and warp after building, achieving more aesthetically pleasing results.

4. Preserve Pieces of History

You can repurpose items from historical events or locations that would otherwise be lost if they were destroyed or abandoned for an extended time. For example, you can make a coffee table out of a shipping crate that was utilized hundreds of years ago. You could impress your guests by describing the backstory of these salvaged artifacts if you are a keen student of history. It gives your house personality.

Do you want your remodeling project to have a premium, one-of-a-kind look? Speak with your contractor about using reclaimed wood in your project.

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