What to Expect During Your Residential Solar Panel Installation

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From increasing the value of your home to saving you big money on your monthly energy bills while you help save the environment, there are several benefits to choosing solar power. After filling out all the paperwork and making sure your property is ready for the installation, the day has finally arrived, and professionals are installing solar panels on your roof or on the ground of your property. Here are a few things you can expect while your solar panels are being professionally installed.

The Installation Crew Prepares Your Home and Property

When the installation crew arrives, you will see several pieces of equipment and tools, including the racking that is attached to your roof and the solar panels. The crew will begin by unloading and removing any obstructions, such as lawn furniture, that are blocking the way of accessing the roof.

Prior to the installation, the roofing team will have assessed your roof to determine it is structurally sound enough to support the solar panel system. Some smaller repairs, such as shingle replacement, might occur on the day of installation. The crew will rope off certain areas of your property and mark these as work zones. Make sure your kids and pets stay away from any tools and equipment.

New Electrical Wiring Is Installed

Next, the new electrical wiring will be installed to supplement or replace your existing exterior wiring. The electricity to your home will be turned off during this time. A power inverter, which turns solar power into electricity, will also be installed on the side of your home. The electrical system will be tested thoroughly before a new meter is installed.

Racking and Panels Are Installed

Next, the racking that will support the solar panels is installed on your roof. If you have chosen to do so, the racking can be installed on the ground, instead. The panels are then installed on the racking. This is the noisiest part of the installation, so make sure your kids and pets are prepared.

After the Installation

Finally, after the installation is complete, a government official will visit your home to ensure that the system is installed properly. Be aware that you cannot use your solar panels until this inspection is complete. After the official gives you the okay, you will be able to turn them on and enjoy your new solar panels.

Solar panels are a great way to save money while you help the environment. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for your solar installation

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