Remodeling Your Living Room? 4 Reasons To Consider Adding A Fireplace

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As you get ready to remodel your living room or family room, you will want to ensure that you are creating a welcoming and warm space. One way to do that is by adding a fireplace. A fireplace can be visually welcoming and can add actual warmth to your space. There are many reasons why adding a fireplace to your living room or family room makes a lot of sense. 

1. Add Value to Your Home  

There is just something welcoming about a home with a fireplace. The idea of sitting in front of a fireplace is comforting. Many homebuyers would be happy to pay a little bit extra to get a home with a fireplace, and this desire from homebuyers to have a little cozy fireplace they can sit next to when it is cold outside is what makes adding a fireplace to your home something that will also add value to your home.  

When you are spending money remodeling your home, you want to ensure that the money will increase your home's value. A fireplace should pay for itself. 

2. Improve Overall Heating of Your Home 

Next, adding a fireplace to your home will make it easier to heat your home. A fireplace can be a great way to reduce your dependency on your boiler, furnace, or central HVAC system. 

You will have a second heat source that you can depend on to keep your home warm. If you install a wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace, you will have a fireplace that will work even if you lose your electricity, giving you an important backup source of heat. If you live somewhere where winter power outages are common, this can make your home livable when you lose power. 

3. Save Money 

Heating your home can be expensive. Adding a fireplace to your home can bring down your overall heating costs. With a wood-burning fireplace, you can source wood from affordable locations and stockpile wood throughout the year so that you have what you need. With a gas-burning fireplace, you will enjoy the lower cost of natural gas or propane over electricity.  

With a fireplace, you can engage in zone heating as well. If you are home throughout the day, you don't have to heat your entire house. You can heat your living or family room where you are hanging out; that is another way a fireplace can save you money on heating.  

If you are thinking about remodeling your home, be sure to include a fireplace in your plans for your living or family room. A fireplace can make the space feel more welcoming and inviting and can warm that part of your home up at an affordable rate as well. 

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