How To Spot The Need For Residential Chimney Repair

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Too many people make the mistake of not checking on the condition of their residential chimneys as often as they should. Some will even never bother with an inspection because they do not use their fireplace. The thing is, though, whether you use the fireplace or not, substantial chimney problems can occur and they need to be corrected before the situation gets worse. Here are some of the issues that you are going to want to keep an eye out for:

You See A White Staining On The Bricks

Some people might see the white staining on the bricks and assume that it is just what happens as chimneys age. However, this staining is actually called efflorescence and it is a sign of excessive moisture getting in between the bricks. If the problem is not taken care of soon enough, the chimney could experience breakage, which is very dangerous. 

Damage To Paint Or Wallpaper

Sometimes, the signs of chimney trouble are seen inside of the house. Take a close look at the walls around the fireplace. If the paint or wallpaper is damaged, it should be taken as a sign that there is something wrong with the fireplace. There could be cracked bricks that are allowing excessive heat to reach the walls. You may want to stop using the fireplace until everything is inspected and you are given the all clear.

Some Of The Mortar Joints Are Cracking

It might start out as only one or two small cracks, but before you know it, almost all of the mortar joints will look damaged to some extent. This is why it is imperative to get the mortar professionally fixed. The more cracks there are, the more it will cost to get the proper repairs done. If this problem is ignored, there is the chance that some or all of the chimney will fall down from your roof. This could injure someone or even cause death.

The Flashing Is In Poor Shape

Take a close look at the flashing where the chimney bricks meet the roof. If the metal is bent, deteriorated, or even missing, you will want to call for chimney repair work. An experienced contractor will be able to replace the flashing and check for other problems while they are up there.

Should you find yourself spotting any of the previously mentioned signs of chimney problems, you will want to call a professional very soon. When you call for residential chimney repair services, you can get not only the problems resolved, but they can also inspect the rest of the chimney and your fireplace to make sure that there isn't anything else going wrong.

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