Keeping Road Crews Safe During Construction: Three Work Zone Essentials

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Keeping your road construction crew safe in work zones is a main priority for any construction company, but safety goes beyond hard hats and reflective vests. Some types of work zone safety equipment can help prevent drivers from coming close to your job site, so it's a good idea to invest in a range of items to fully equip the area surrounding where you're working. Here are some ideas you can implement in your work zone to help promote safety and prevent accidents. 

Temporary Rumble Strips

Drivers, particularly those who are distracted, may not realize they are quickly approaching a work zone. Temporary rumble strips create an audible and physical warning to road work up ahead. Typically crafted from metal or high-impact plastic, these strips can be placed directly onto the road or street for easy setup. When cars drive over them, a rumble or vibration is felt throughout the vehicle, which can help to slow down traffic. When work is complete, the strips can be quickly removed. Some rumble strips can be folded for portability, while others stack neatly in place for easy loading onto a truck. 

Automatic Flaggers

While some road crews may use a person to flag oncoming traffic to stop or slow down, this job can be potentially dangerous. Adding automatic flaggers can help prevent potential injuries and fatalities by taking this job out of the hands of humans. These devices work similarly to the gates you might find in a parking garage or toll booth, with an arm swinging down to stop vehicles before proceeding through work zones. Traffic lights and signage provide advance notice to drivers, and mobile designs on wheels can be quickly moved from one area to the next as work progresses down the road or street. Pair an automatic flagger with additional roadway signs to let drivers know they are coming up on a work zone. 

Intrusion Alarms

Traffic safety cones and impact barriers do provide some protection at work zones, but adding intrusion alarms to these items can help alert your crew to potential hazards on the road. These alarms detect impacts and provide an audible warning when vehicles break the barrier of your construction site. Placing cones and barriers at a distance from the start of your work zone and pairing them with alarms can provide your crew with time to move out of the way should a vehicle start careening out of control. The alarms also serve as a warning to drivers that they are about to enter the work area. 

For more information about helpful work zone equipment, contact a local supplier.

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